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Fit Startup Factory
No-Code Pre Incubation Program

With Fit Startup Factory No-Code Pre-Incubation Program you can create a MVP for your idea in 8 weeks.
I have a idea, but ...
As Fit Startup Factory Team we understand the problems of early stage startups and we know how you can develop your idea without losing time by searching a software developer.
Turkey's first No-code oriented Entrepreneurship Program
I have a platform idea, it can be a mobile app too, where should I start ?
Great! You might need a software developer for developing your idea. Do you know coding ?
No :( I have no software developer contact, but I want to develop my idea. If I search for a developer I might lose a lot of time, I want to start working on my idea as soon as possible.
I got it.. In that case you should apply to the Fit Startup Factory Pre Incubation Program! I heard that they started a new educational program which helps you create a product in 8 weeks without knowing any coding. They give you a tool packet that is worth $50.000 too.
Should I know any programing or be an Engineering Student ? Does this program have any prerequisites ?
There aren't any prerequisites and you don't have to know programing. Having an idea is enough!
What is No-code ?
No-Code is a software development method for creating simple web applications with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools instead of using traditional computer programming methods.

No Code is the easiest starter for entrepreneurs who want to test their startup idea and seek product-market fit with the lean startup methodology.
Pre Incubation Program
With No-code pre incubation program turn your ideas into business model.
Your product will be ready in 8 weeks.*
Entrepreneurship Courses
1-1 Mentorship
Free to use no-code tools
Business - Sales Development

The pilot program will be exclusively for OzU students, alumni and staff. Thank you for your interest.

Second program in 2021 will be open for public, in order to get notified please fill the form below.

Very soon...
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About The Program
Free access to $50,000 worth of tools for your product development and marketing needs
8 Weeks
8-week marathon with trainings, workshops, mentoring and client interviews
10 Startups
At the end of the pre-incubation program, teams will come to the MVP & Prototype stage
Special Facilities
No-code platforms that you can use for free
Other Special Facilities
Tools and services you can use in addition to No-code platforms
Pre Incubation Program
Training Program
1. Week
1. Week
Business Model Course
Business Model Canvas, Target Audience
2. Week
2. Week
Lean Startup
Problem Solution Development, Lean Startup
3. Week
3. Week
No-code Mindset
What needs to be done to validate a startup idea?
4. Week
4. Week
Market Research
Target Market Size, Market Research Methods
5. Week
5. Week
Product Development
MVP & Prototype Development Tools / Methods
6. Week
6. Week
Sales Development & Marketing
Customer Acquisition with Google Ads and Facebook Business
7. Week
7. Week
First MVP & Launch
8. Week
8. Week
Demo Day
Start your Entrepreneurship Journey!
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